Dental Assistant like no other!!  A native of Southeastern Massachusetts.  Renee has been in the dental field since before she was born.  Her father is a retired dentist.  Renee is happily married and has two lovely sons and a beautiful daughter.  She brings with her a wealth of experience and is absolutely devoted to the field of Dentistry.  Renee enjoys snowshoeing in the winter and being on the beach in the summer.  She also enjoys reading, shopping, crafting and baking and likes to listen to Jazz and Light rock in her spare time.  Renee is amazingly extraordinary and is always willing and happy to please. Renee enjoys spending time with her  beautiful grandchildren Vivian and Chase. She is truly one of a kind and a very special person.


One of the best Dental hygienist’s. Ray graduated from the University of New England in Portland, Maine in 2009.  A born and raised Mainer, Ray moved to Rhode Island in 2013 with her husband and two children.  They also have a giant mastiff, Baloo, and two guinea pigs, Kevin and Dave.  When she isn’t making smiles beautiful, she enjoys being outside with her family hiking, snowboarding, playing soccer and fishing.  


Our newest amazing Dental hygienist.  Ali is a graduate of CCRI Dental Hygiene program.  She has experience in both periodontal and general dentistry.  She loves being creative, whether it is cooking, crafting or DIY projects.  A New Englander at heart.  She loves the food, the seasons and being outdoors.


Our friendly Friendly Front Desk.  She started working in the Dental Field at 14 years old, then moved to pharmacy for 10 years, before coming back into the Dental Field. When she is not working she enjoys spending quality time with her family and newly adopted son.  


A caring and compassionate Dental Assistant.  Ruth has been a Dental Assistant for 20 years.  Originally from Guatamala, she moved to Rhode Island 17 years ago.  Her pride and joy are her four children, many of whom have served in the Armed Forces.  She is a hardworker, patient and positive to be around.